“Rice is the staple food for 65% of the population in India. It is the largest consumed calorie source among the food grains. It becomes necessary to produce quality rice with the latest available technology for the people.”

SLS is a producer of quality rice. A market leader in the domain of food space and rich leqacy of over 35 years, we are today acknowledge as an Industry leader. A journey that began in the year 1982 with its first mill at Raichur and a capacity of 2 tons|hr, SLS rice today is a multi location company with plants at Raichur and Bangalore. SLS rice process 18 tons of rice per hour at its Raichur plant and about 8 tons per hour at Bangalore.

2 tons of rice was processed in our plant; the year 1982. Come 2019, weare a multi location plant with a jaw dropping capacity of xxxx Metrictons of products per day.Experience, we have gained over 35 years hashelped us establish a firm foot hold in the industry. Sound businessstrategies, use of superior technology and an management that is forever looking to embrace newer technologies are some of the key factorsdriving the growth of company.

From procurement of rice from places such as Gangavathi, Raichur, Karatagi, Sindhanur, Manvi, through manufactury and to the point of distribution, there is a time tested process in place.

Rice is processed using superior technology and goes through a series of steps

  • Cleaning and hulling
  • Multi stage whitening
  • polishing
  • Grading
  • Sorting, Weighing and Packaging